Ending a marriage is an emotional and often painful decision. Some divorces are straightforward, but many more are further complicated by child or spousal support, custody of minors and the division of property, including physical property, securities and retirement accounts.

A very important factor to keep in mind is that issues related to divorce require proper timing and thorough research. For example, if you need interim financial support from your spouse during a separation, you need to petition for this before filing for divorce. Moreover, because Louisiana is a community property state, it is important to meet with your attorney and thoroughly examine when your joint and individual financial interests were acquired and how they might have changed in value during the marriage.

Child Custody

Generally speaking, under Louisiana law, there are two types of child custody arrangements:

  • Joint Custody: In a joint custody arrangement, both parents share major decisions such as schools, education, enrichment and healthcare. Parents can obtain help from a mediator if necessary.
  • Sole Custody: In a sole custody arrangement, one parent makes major decisions, even if the child spends time with both.

Determining child custody and visitation rights are delicate matters. The courts determine custodial issues based on the child's best interest factors. We can assist you whether you are initiating custody proceedings or if you are seeking post-decree modifications of visitation and custody orders.

In most cases, courts will assign a domiciliary parent. Please call our office to learn more.

Child Support

When a couple severs ties, it can create a situation of potential financial hardship for children. This is true whether the couple is legally married or are domestic partners. Attorney A.D. Winters and his team has significant experience in making sure our clients receive the level of support their children are legally entitled to. We work these cases methodically, making sure all financial records and income are appropriately disclosed and all evidence is gathered so that the minor children involved have the opportunity for a bright future.

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